Double the protection with TIME, DISTANCE and SHIELDING so we can contiune do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19.



*made with FDA approved PETG material.

*premium quality clear transparency film.

*to be used in conjuction with a face mask.

*one size fits all (adults, teens and kids).

*if you need it to sit tighter on your head or if you are leaning over patients a lot and worry about it falling off, a simple rubber band (not included) can be put over the two hooks in the back.

*PETG color may vary due to current PETG availability.

*chin piece not necessary but can be added for personal preferance.

*for safety and sanitary purposes, NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES.

*this :::FULL FACE SHEILD::: is a WORK IN PROGRESS and might get multiple revisions during the coming days/weeks.



*DO NOT place in the dishwasher or expose to extreme heat.

*DO NOT use abbrassive cleaners, this WILL scratch the material.

*Simply dissasemble the transparency film from each of the 4 pegs on the visor, wash with warm soapy water for 30 seconds (1 min. perfered).

*Pat dry with a soft cloth. DO NOT air dry as this will leave spots on the transparency film.

*Re-assemble by snapping the transparency film back onto each of the 4 pegs on the visor and Re-use as needed.


  • Due to demand and sourcing of materials, we are placing a maximum limit of 2 :::FULL FACE SHEILDS::: per customer/household. Our goal is to help ALL because we are ALL in this together. Sorry, no hoarding allowed.

    These are made to order. Once your order has been placed and your shield has been printed and inspected for quality control, you will be notified of a pick-up date and time slot. Please be mindful when selecting an available time and date as we strive to make this a simple process for ALL.

    All orders are for local CURBSIDE PICKUP only. For safety of all customers and to maintiain social distancing, please DO NOT come to the front door and porch pick-up is NOT an option. 

    NO Shipping of :::FULL FACE SHIELDS::: (at this time).

    PICK UP location: Sweet Cheeks Edible Art located in the HISOTRIC ETIWANDA DISTRICT, City of Rancho Cucamonga. PICKUP address will be provided via email confirmation after order(s) have been placed and are compelete. This email will come from SWEET CHEEKS EDIBLE ART. PLEASE check your emails often!

    *This item is NOT for re-sale.

    On behalf of all of us here at SWEET CHEEKS EDIBLE ART, we thank you for the contiuned support and send you ALL socially distance XOXO from 6 feet away!

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